EveryBody Project

Everybody beautiful

The Muffia are currently working on the EveryBody Project. We want to find out, firstly, how people feel about their bodies. We want to provoke a questioning about the identities people embody. We will be exploring the impact the media has on young people’s relationships to their bodies. How does the media determine the types of bodies we have or want to have; our body size, shape, colour and body hair? And what influences people to make changes to their physical matter?

The Muffia would like to present the idea that there are choices concerning our bodies and allow people to question the idea that they need to look a certain way or conform to an ideal. The intention of this project is to offer people a safe place to question our culture and it’s values and to promote a new body image relationship.

The project will involve a series of workshops which will inform a performative event planned for later this year, alongside political street interventions. The intention of  EveryBody Project’ is to gain research into how young people feel about their bodies in our current mediatized society. The Muffia would like to challenge people’s negative perceptions of their body. This will be an exploration of The Muffia’s personal history with their bodies as well as a collaboration with the people who attend the workshops.


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