Global Resistance

As part of a ‘France Four’ documentary called  ‘Global Resistance’, focusing on art as activism, we used our bodies as a canvas to express our political ideas about the messages the media transmits about femininity. Looking almost like mannequins, we hung select words on our bodies that we feel reflect what the media communicates about how women should look. With nothing else to identify us other than our blonde wigs and muffs, we wore the words like labels. Our muffs were  bar-coded to communicate that adhering to the norms of ‘femininity’ makes us extremely lucrative, particularly for the cosmetic industries. Having a vagina apparently means we can be sold many products, ideals and aspirations. Why are we so lucrative?

We used our altered Selfridges’ shopping bags with statements such as ‘ARE YOU LOSING YOURSELF?’.  We feel there is much potential to lose any ‘real’ sense of self is in society today. Following the rules of femininity and basing your identity on a set of constructed norms has the potential to be damaging and confusing to one’s identity. Who am I if I am not ‘feminine’?