Pit Stops

This is our guerrilla activity in which we make alterations to images, adverts on the streets and products in shops. Whether it be adding a furry moustache to Gwyneth Paltrow or a beautiful big muff to a model in a bikini, we add fake fur, posters and stickers. This isn’t necessarily just about hair removal, but of course that’s part of it, but most importantly, it’s a way of interacting with these images and reacting against them in a comical and accessible way. It’s a political act; growing up consuming these images we have found a way to subvert the messages they convey, for ourselves, and for others.

Our intention is to inspire a questioning process. We want to challenge how these images work. Do they make women and men feel they need to change the way they look?  We also think Pit Stops is very funny for those who stumble across it and can potentially change their shopping experience.

We also send out Pit Stops packs to people who also want to apply fur and stickers to adverts in their area.

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