Builders Project: Under Construction

We thought we’d like to do a little gender experiment and go out dressed as builders for the day and take on the physical and stereotypical behaviour of a builder, ogle men and scratch our imaginary balls! We used humour and exaggerated the stereotypical behaviours of builders. Obviously this meant a fair amount of objectifying the opposite sex and catchphrases such as ‘cheer up darling!’.

We felt liberated in a new way in a public space, as if we owned the space. In other contexts during the day whilst acting as builders we were invisible as gender was not important but our social status or uniform placed us in other categories. This project was great fun to perform and also raised many questions about how our physicality is gendered and determined by things such as class, occupation and age. We hope it provided a way for the people we came into contact with to think about such things too, and hopefully they had a good old laugh at the same time!


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