What are you y(earning) for?

What are you really yearning for? The idea of this project was to make people think about their internal drives and motives. What do you want and need? Born out of the idea that we all move so fast, do so much and that we perhaps don’t stop to think about what moves us. What moves you? We put on our uniform, go to work, come home and go to sleep, often we don’t connect with more than our wallet and the sales assistant. We wanted to connect with people in the city centre as we feel this is a place of mass disconnection. Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself, others and your primal drives? Capitalism and consumerism encourages us to spend, spend, spend, to create a visual identity and has the potential to leave us empty and yearning for something more, as can a job that we don’t like, that’s based on money. Unfortunately most of us have no choice but to do these jobs but we wanted to challenge the capitalist chain of earning to spend unnecessarily on appearance and gendered identity. And we wanted to find a way to connect. What are you spending for?

We stood in public places holding white card with our ideas and questions on. We also handed out small hand written letters, notes and questions throughout the day to the public.